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Can ALTI tell me how much a translation or an interpreting assignment will cost?

As a non-profit-making organisation, ALTI undertakes no commercial activity and its secretariat cannot reply to any request for a quote.

How can I find a professional translator or interpreter?

To find a professional translator or interpreter, please consult our register of members to find a member meeting your requirements and then contact them directly. The list includes the contact details of more than 60 freelance professional translators and interpreters working from a total of 25 languages. If you do not find the language you require, this unfortunately means that none of our members work in that language.


How can I become a member of ALTI?

On the page Becoming a member you will find ALTI’s admission criteria and the application forms to become either an active member or an associate member. If you fulfill the admission requirements, may we suggest that you attend one of our meetings (the dates are regularly posted on the News) page, bringing with you the completed form and the requested additional documentation.

How can I become a sworn translator/interpreter in Luxembourg?

Please contact the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice, which alone is competent in the matter of sworn translators and interpreters. Further information is available on the Ministry’s website (in French).

How can I become a freelance translator/interpreter in Luxembourg?

Practical information with regard to founding a company, tax, social-security contributions, etc. may be found on the website
Conditions of access to a profession
Registration for social security for self-employed persons

How can I find a traineeship or a job as a translator or interpreter in Luxembourg?

Since ALTI is administered entirely by volunteers, it employs no staff and no trainees. Nor can it pass on an application to a potential employer.
General job-seeking and traineeship sites in Luxembourg include: ADEM,,,
For European Union employment and traineeships, see: EPSO, Work for the EU

For any other question concerning the Association or the professions of translator and interpreter, please contact ALTI at the address below

contact [at]